Dr. Fischman has consulted since the mid 1980s on a wide variety of issues and projects that have focused primarily, on materials and manufacturing of materials issues.  Examples of these activities include:

  • Startup Activity:  Dr Fischman has started up companies and helped companies develop business plans, develop procedures, strategies and structures as well as seeking funds for startup activities.  He has and does serve on boards for start-up companies.
  • Technical Consulting:  Dr. Fischman has expertise in developing and using advanced ceramics for products.  These ceramics have included silicon carbide, silicon nitride, aluminum nitride, zirconia, alumina, mullite and zirconia toughened aluminas.  From creating and firing ceramics, to developing assessment tools for the FDA and private industry to writing technical script for video products for the Department of Defense, Dr. Fischman has a broad set of experiences to work from.  Dr. Fischman has worked with monolithic materials and coatings.  He has developed assessment tools both for government and for industry to help understand the risks and possible failure modes of  ceramic and metal products.  
  • Expert Witness:  Dr. Fischman has served as an expert witness on IP and Trade Dress issues as well as the failure of ceramics for biomedical applications.  From reports through deposition and testimony, Dr. Fischman has experience as an expert witness.
  • Innovativeness and IP Assessment:  Along with other active team members, Dr. Fischman can look at your current activities and help you understand owned technology that might be valuable in a different way.
  • Regulatory Issues of Materials and Components:  As a former FDA scientist and internal consultant, Dr. Fischman has worked on issues of safety of products, worked in coordinated teams to understand the breadth of issues that are required to create a safe and effective product.  He has worked with industry to help them understand their issues of compliance, worked with both OEM and materials supplier to assure that appropriate specifications are in place, create or determine second sourcing of materials, determine root causes for failures and plan to minimize risk in product development.  He has served as an expert in a variety of materials for medical applications issues.
  •  Materials Availability and Stewardship for Manufacturing: As the Director of the three boards at the National Academies that dealt in materials, manufacturing and infrastructure, Dr. Fischman has a great deal of insight on the issues that need to be developed systematically to create a manufacturing capability, delivering service to that capability and assuring that materials are available.  He understands that the development of new materials requires a strong sensitivity to the health and safety issues that concern society and considers strategies and mechanisms for materials research, development and production that is planned with sensitivities to these issues.  He has a strong interest in assuring materials availability for US and global manufacturing.
  • Technical Consulting:  A broad materials science base with focused understanding of coatings, hard materials, medical devices and regulatory issues creates a strong background to understand almost any materials based issue that confronts your company.
  • Standards and Protocol Development:  Dr. Fischman is a member of ASTM and is actively engaged in ISO in biomedical materials and ceramics and coatings.  He understands assessment technologies as they pertain to materials and can help you develop the assurances you need for your materials.
  • Script Writing, Technical Expert:  Dr. Fischman worked with a team of writers and another technical specialist to develop the Department of Defense Video Product Corrosion Comprehension for Ceramics.


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