NAS reports

While at the National Academies between 2005 and 2010, Dr Fischman was responsible for the delivery of many reports through his three boards.  Amongst those reports (available at the National Academies Publication website) are the following:

Report Year Board

Globalization of Materials R&D: Time for a National Strategy

2005 NMAB

Managing Materials for a Twenty-First Century Military

2008 NMAB

Integrated Computational Materials Engineering: A Transformational Discipline for Improved Competitivesness and National Security

2008 NMAB

A Path to the Next Generation of US Banknotes: Keeping them Real

2006 BMED

A Matter of Size: Triennial Review of the National Nanotechnology Initiative

2006 NMAB

Assessing Corrosion Education

2009 NMAB

Nanotechnology for the Intelligence Community

2005 NMAB

Defending the U.S. Air Transportation System Against Chemical and Biological Threats

2006 NMAB

Assessment of Millimeter-Wave and Terahertz Technology for Detection and identification of Concealed Expolosives and Weapons

2007 NMAB

Fusion of Security System Data to Improve Airport Security

2007 NMAB

Sustainable Critical Infrastructure Systems

2009 BICE

For a more complete listing of the reports done by these boards visit the National Academies Website - The National Materials Advisory Board and the Board on Manufacturing and Engineering Design have been combined into the National Materials and Manufacturing Board, the Board on Infrastructure and the Constructed Environment has not changed.


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