MMI - Materials, Manufacturing and Infrastructure

There is a strong interdependency amongst the issues of Materials (for manufacturing), Manufacturing and Infrastructure.  Simply put, materials is the stuff that things (physical things at any rate) are made of; manufacturing is what makes stuff into things;  and infrastructure represents the services and ability to get the stuff, things, electricity and information into the right location so that stuff can be made into things.   The development of strategic solutions for issues in materials, manufacturing and infrastructure often requires a complexity of decisions that include community (and government) as well as industry.  At Future Strategy Solutions, we believe that these conversations need to be joined and developed as a backbone for a trusting relationship that can create a strong, health and vibrant economy. 

  • Infrastructure is an interrelated system that delivers services.  It is owned by everyone from individual homeowners to international corporations and cooperatives.  Helping rethink, rather than simply repair, infrastructure is where we can help.
  • The issues for creating a successful manufacturing environment require strategies for manufacturing looking forward to, say, 50 years as well as now.  These include considerations of global supply chains, technical capabilities to manufacture and strategic locations for manufacturing.  We can help you formulate and implement these strategies.
  • In our current world, it is important to consider the creation of a reasonably secure manufacturing space while minimizing the effect on manufacturing activities.  we can facilitate the discussions and help develop the ideas needed to make this happen.   
  • The whole system is based on getting materials and goods from their original place (a mine, a supplier, a warehouse) to the location where they are made, or delivered.  This requires a resilient supply chain.  We can help you think through the issues of developing the strategies necessary to secure a resilient supply chain.

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