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In a busy technical world, you often need someone that can give you a neutral technically valid and sensible view.  Often you are asking for a bit of help, not a major undertaking.  Expert on Call is for that.  Expert on Call gives you that person who can give you an outside assessment on technical materials issues, can be another eye on documents, SOPs and specifications.

  • Expert on Call gives you access to someone who can give you the occasional expertise that you need without having to add a full time staff member.
  • Expert on Call gives you access to someone who can assess technical information and understand it on your behalf.
  • Expert on Call gives you access to a materials engineering/scientist technical expert.

Breadth of Issues that Expert on Call can help you with includes:

  • Solutions for your basic materials (predominantly ceramics, metals, CMC, coatings) based problems;
    • Give you an understanding for why some materials will work and others won’t
    • Give you a quick assessment of potential materials that you are considering for a product
    • Help you write technical materials aspects for proposals
    • Help you understand the benefits and risks of materials and coatings that you are considering adding to your product
    • Help you find a company that can really do what you need done
    • Analyze mechanically failed materials to help you understand what is going wrong.
  • Help you understand materials issues and focused educational materials
  • Be a neutral, knowledgeable observer in interactions including at meetings with clients/suppliers and with government entities (e.g., the FDA)
  • Be a discerning eye in the development of assessment of specifications and acceptance procedures for material between you and your supplier or customer
  • Help you to understand how to use standards and specifications
  • Help you assess your IP capabilities and potential IP purchases

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