Dr. Fischman nominated to replace Dr. Ulrich Lembke as Convener of ISO TC 150 WG 12 on Implant Coatings.

Dr. Gary Fischman has become the new convener for ISO TC 150 WG 12 (Implants for Surgery - Coatings).  He takes over from Dr. Ulrich Lembke..

Dr. Ulrich Lembke, of DOT GmBH of Rostock, Germany has been the convener and leader of ISO TC150 WG 12 since its inception in 2012 in Moscow.  Dr. Lembke’s leadership of that group saw the formation of the ISO 17327 - 1 standard on implant coatings.  He has also given his perspective and leadership for further actions in coatings.  

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