Future Strategy Solutions

Future Strategy Solutions is a consultancy that focuses on materials and their appropriate choice in manufacturing (design of materials applications).

FSS has worked with both industry and government to develop materials for manufacturing.     We believe that materials can be designed and manufactured in a sustainable manner minimizing minimal environmental effects.  We choose to focus our solutions with regard to our customers needs including the security, safety, sustainability and reliability of the global supply chain.

We can help you with your needs including:

  • Expertise in hard materials (especially ceramic based materials) and product design to enable the best properties of these materials.
  • Decisions  about new materials, materials suppliers and how to develop your technical specifications to meet your needs.
  • Past scientist at the FDA who understands regulatory issues and agencies about your materials or devices.
  • Finding and/or developing alternate sourcing and other materials availability needs.
  • Business plan development and strategies for materials manufacturing.
  • Understanding your IP investments and internal materials technology capabilities.
  • Procedures, specifications, protocols and starts development of materials and manufacturing of materials.
  • Education - Base understanding of materials - deeper understanding of hard materials and hard coatings.

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