Dr. Fischman is an expert in ceramics, hard materials and their use in products and devices.  Previous to forming Future Strategy Solutions, Dr. Fischman has been employed in the Federal Government (US FDA and US NSF), Academia (tenured at Alfred University and University of Illinois at Chicago’s Dental College), NGO (Board Director at the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine) and active in the start up of multiple manufacturing companies.  

Experience includes

  • Driving Materials Development
    • Ceramics, especially advanced structural materials
    • Coating systems
    • Specific requirements for materials performance
    • Managing and analyzing the physical and chemical properties of materials
    • Failure of hard (ceramic/metal) medical devices
    • Review of materials and properties focused toward regulatory product applications
  • Expert Witness
    • Failure of ceramics in medical devices
    • IP and trademark related expertise for hard materials and device coatings
    • Quality of materials used in manufacturing.
    • Background and expert analysis on materials and their properties
  • Development of Standards, private materials specifications and testing protocols for materials.  Current activities include:
    • Chair of ASTM F04.13 (medical and surgical devices and materials - ceramics)
    • Convener of ISO TC 150/WG 12 (Implants for surgery/coatings)
    • Co-convener of ISO TC 150/SC 1/WG 3 (Implants for surgery/materials/ceramics)
  • Hard materials literature development for regulatory submissions
  • Facilitation for and analysis of current and potential programs

Dr. Gary Fischman is an expert in hard materials and their use in products and devices.